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Employee Retirement Accounts

from $100/mo. and up

Employee Retirement Accounts

Employee Benefits Asia by Tenzng Pacific Services
Leading Providers

Leading international in regulated jursidictions

Major Currencies

Save in strong international currencies that hold their time like UD, Euro, GBP

Variety of Funds

From S&P trackers, AI/Robotics, New Technology, Emerging Markets & more


Save from just $100/month for a minimum of 5 years. Available for most nationalites & countries


Monthly contributions can be made by employer or employee, however you prefer


Set up a plan with an optional vesting period to encourage employees to stay long term

What are Employee REtirement Accounts?

Ensure keypeople in your business are adequately covered with providers & plans that meet their expectations, have high limits and provide service where they live, work & travel to. 

Create a bespoke plan combining health and/or life insurance for keypeople in your organization & their families, including:

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From there, make an informed decision for your org.
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Employee Portal

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